December 30, 2010

More of Baby Iris

I almost forgot that I took more pictures of sweet baby Iris and I haven't shared them here.  She was 17 days old here so we were still able to get some more sleepy pictures.




Big Brother


This was the final shot.  I really didn't have high hopes for getting it.  I mean, I've never even tried it.  I think a lot of photogs do a photoshop trick with this and that was my back up plan (even though I'm not so great with photoshop I was gonna give it a shot).  But I did see a youtube video where a photographer was able to get a baby to hold it so I knew it as possible.  So, after I got those shots I told mom to let go and see what happened.  Maybe I'd get one before she fell.  Well, Miss Overachiever sat like that for a good 10 count!


Robyn THE Mama Lion said...

I"m such a proud mom :) You did a fantastic job and still get tons of compliments!!

Chrissy said...

Wow, how super gorgeous and lovely!!

Happy New Year!