June 1, 2012

Last Day of VPK

Well, it's over.  VPK is complete.  Hunter is a Kindergartener.  I won't fully embrace that reality for another couple of months.  Denial... I've got it.  This year was wonderful though.  His teachers were AMAZING.  They were the kind of teachers you compare all the others to.  Future teachers have a lot to live up to.  He's so ready for Kindergarten.  And he's SO excited!  We attended orientation at his new school this week.  He was so excited to learn he will have an art class, music class, computer class, and P.E.  I think he's ready to start like tomorrow.  I know his excitement will help the transition... for me!  This kid is going to be just fine.  He makes friends in like 2 seconds. 

So, here are his First Day/Last Day photo comparisons.  He's definitely matured a bit.

I dressed him in the same outfit.  You can see how much he's grown based on the length of his shorts.

And Peyton... so big!  I'm not even ready to talk about her going to school yet, but that's coming in 3 short months.  One thing at a time :)

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Denise said...

Your babies are getting so big!