November 7, 2012


FSU played USF over in Tampa this season.  Tampa is great central location for all of our friends that live all over Florida.  We had quite a big group make it to the game.  We had a big tailgate set up just a block from the stadium.  Other than it being pretty hot it was a perfect day.


Just across the fence from our tailgate was a fraternity tailgate party.  It was nuts.  First a truck with 8 kegs in the back rolled up, then they set up a stage, had a DJ, AND a live band.  It got a bit out of control and they were eventually kicked out.  That fence was like a timewarp to 10-15 years ago.  And after seeing all that we all decided that our daughters don't need to go to college.... haha!

This was the extent of our craziness.....Jen's famous jello shots... in garnet and gold, of course!

We ran into Heath's cousin Dustin and wife, Morgan.  It's always great to see them :)

Here's most of our big group.

And just the girls.


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