December 23, 2012

Christmas at Dedi's

Our Christmas celebrations usually start with a gathering at Dedi's.  It great to see those that we don't get to very often throughout the year.  She always serves gumbo and it's goooood.

DediXmas-6 DediXmas-11 DediXmas-12
sock bun!

Peyton bonded with Morgan over a plate of vegetables.  It was so cute!
DediXmas-20 DediXmas-19 DediXmas-21 DediXmas-17 DediXmas-18 DediXmas-25

She got a Leappad....

...and quickly figured out how to take pictures with it.
DediXmas-31 DediXmas-39 DediXmas-36 DediXmas-44

Peyton fell in love with Sayer's dog.  She likes the ones that are more her size.  She now wants a dog of her own :)
DediXmas-48 DediXmas-50

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