August 20, 2013

First Day of First Grade

Another year of school is underway.  Hunter was a little nervous and I finally got out of him why.  Somehow he's got it in his head that teachers are now mean and school is hard.  We reassured him that his teacher wasn't going to be mean for no reason and that school will be harder, but it will still be fun.  He came home from school and had a good day.  He actually talked quite a bit about things the teacher said and behavior incentives she has in place.  He was ready to go this morning on Day 2 :)


HunterFirstDayFirstGrade-3 copy

HunterFirstDayFirstGrade-1 copy

HunterFirstDayFirstGrade-8 copy

Oh, hi skinny Heath.  He's dropped nearly 35 pounds in the last 3 months.  We're all so proud of him!
HunterFirstDayFirstGrade-9 copy

Yes, she's holding a piece of bacon..... ha!

Off he goes! No tears from either of us. #firstday #firstgrade
One last squeeze!
Love him so! #firstday #firstgrade

What a difference a year makes!  So much maturity in that face.  Look how pointy his chin is now.

They have big individual desks this year instead of group tables.

His teacher is a sweet lady :)

His buddy, Leo is in his class along with many others he knows from preschool and his Kindergarten class.  Robyn and I will be a super duo team as Room Moms!

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