September 22, 2013

Peyton's First Day of VPK / 4th Birthday

The first day of school was also Peyton's 4th birthday.  Lots going on in one day!  She loves school and was very excited to go with her Hello Kitty lunchbox.







We ran into Iris on Day 2 (Iris' first day) and Peyton was super proud to walk her in to school.

Twins! Peyton was excited to walk her little friend into her first day of school ever.  @robju

This is from Meet the Teacher.  Her teachers are the same ones Hunter had for VPK and I couldn't be happier about that.  Love them.  I thought Peyton would act like she didn't have a voice and be super shy to the teachers.  She surprised me.  She interacted with them some which was big for her.  It usually takes her a while to trust new adults.
It went waaaay better than I expected. I figured she would refuse to speak to her teachers, but she actually interacted with them and willingly smiled for a picture.  She's just full of surprises. #meettheteacher #vpk

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