March 19, 2007

6 months

Hunter will be 6 months old tomorrow. I can't believe it. Halfway to a year already. It's amazing how much he's changed and how much he's learned in his 6 months of life. I enjoy him every single day. He is such a good baby. I'm loving staying home with him.

We just started solids. He's not been too interested in cereal so we moved on to bananas which went over much better. Oh, and no sign of teeth yet, despite all the drooling and chewing.
He's also getting much better at sitting. He'll still tip over, but he can sit by himself for quite a while.
We're taking our first road trip, just me and Hunter, on Thursday. We're headed to Jacksonville while Heath goes over to Tampa for a boys weekend. I'll report back on how the drive went.

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