April 16, 2007

Another Trip Home

We drove to Jacksonville Friday morning. Heath had planned a trip up to Tallahassee with some college friends to go watch the spring football game. So, we all spent the night in Jax on Friday and he went up to Tally Saturday morning while Hunter and I stayed and spent time with my family. We all had dinner with Aunt Pat and Uncle Ronnie Friday night. We went up to their house and saw the 6 baby geese (so cute) and Uncle Ronnie's big new workshop. Then went out for seafood. Hunter was a good boy and enjoyed chewing on a tin mint container that Aunt Pat found in her purse throughout dinner. Heath took off for Tally early Saturday and we visited some friends and hung out at mom's the rest of the day. Sunday we went to church with mom and Hunter was a doll through the service. Heath arrived around 1:00 and we hit the road to come home. It was a stressful drive. I've never driven in so much wind. We were so happy to be home!

Hunter's latest trick. He doesn't exactly do this by himself, but I pull his knees up and he rocks on all fours for a few seconds at a time.
Chewing on his toes is a favorite, too
Grandma loves her boy

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