April 1, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a really good week here. The weather is gorgeous. Low 80s and blue skies, even a little breeze sometimes. We're really anxious for the pool to warm up. I think we're going to be in it a lot this summer.

I feel like Hunter has grown up so much in the last week. He's so much fun right now. It's definitely my favorite age thus far. He's sticking his tongue out and blowing. You know, when you make that ppppppbbbbbbb sound? He's always kind of done it, but now he's really got the hang of it and spit goes flying everywhere. The funniest is when he decides to do it when the paci is in his mouth and the paci goes shooting out of his mouth. He also has this sort of fake laugh that he does that cracks us up. He's getting better with food. I'm making most of his baby food. It's really easy and so much cheaper. He enjoys his cereal with fruit in the morning. At dinner he gets a vegetable. He's not a big fan of green beans, but he doesn't gag so I think there's hope. He really likes butternut squash. Next we'll try sweet potatoes.

Today was the first time we put him in the nursery at church. He's just become too loud to take into the service. He did really well, I think. His eyes weren't red when I picked him up so it didn't look like he cried at all. He was definitely happy to see me though.

We had pictures done last week and there are so many good ones. I don't know how to choose! Hunter was so good. He smiled and cooperated through pose and outfit changes for a whole hour. I'll post the ones I order after I get them. But for now, here are some from the last week or so.

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