October 22, 2007

Halloween's Past

I've received a request to post pictures of past halloween costumes. Our neightbors have had a big halloween party called Pikelween (Pikel is their last name) for the past 3 years and it's always a great time. The costumes are usually amazing and very creative so you can't just throw something on. You have to put some thought and effort into it.

This was the first Pikelween. Heath was a plug and I was the outlet. He took a hard hat and drilled a hole in it for the lightbulb, then put a battery pack in it so the light would work! I thought my outfit was pretty boring so I spiked my hair up with hair cement so I'd look like I'd been electrocuted. It took me about 2 hours to do my hair!

For Pikelween II I was a geisha.
Heath was a bonsai tree. Our neighbors that throw the party, the husband is a big bonsai guy and has lots of trees. We thought it would be funny if Heath came as one of his trees. Heath spent hours making the pot part. He even took a picture of one of his prize plaques and blew it up to put on his pot. Heath won the prize for Most Original. Here he is posing with Paul's trees.We didn't dress up last year for Pikelween III because Hunter was just a month old, but we're ready for Pikelween IV so stay tuned for pictures of our outfits. The party isn't until Nov 3.

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