October 26, 2007

My New Craft Area!

This is before. I just had a table where I had to share room for my embroidery machine and all my scrapbooking stuff. It was a bit crowded to say the least.
Here's another view. Notice all the tupperware containers underneath the table.
And after! We put in 3 cabinets and a countertop (the baseboard hasn't been put back yet). I have so much more counter space now. And lots more storage area. Not to mention it just looks much nicer.

Heath even drilled a hole for the cords. How fancy!

Thanks, honey! I love it!


Hage Family said...

Wow! Sure is nice to be married to a "handy man"! That looks great!

Anonymous said...

That is freiking awesome!! Go Heath. You pretty much rock.