November 25, 2007

First Haircut

Last week on the day Hunter turned 14 months we took him to get his first real haircut. He's been called a girl quite a bit lately and as I keep trimming his bangs the back just gets longer so it would soon be a mullet if we didn't do something. We took him to this place just for kids where they have little cars for the kids to sit in and TVs in front of them in the hopes that the kids will cooperate. I brought lots of snacks hoping to keep Hunter busy. I've cut his bangs before so I know how much he does not cooperate. He actually did really well. There was no crying or anything. He followed the scissors some, but for the most part it was quick and painless. Daddy doesn't think it's quite short enough on the sides (it still hangs over his ears), but I really just wanted it cleaned up. I really like it. It didn't totally change his look, but he hasn't been called a girl since so I guess my mission was accomplished!


Hage Family said...

What a dollface! Ethan's first haircut was in a very similar place with the cars and TV! Ashton got jipped...mommy didn't memorialize his haircut experience!

Jennifer said...

That looks like the same place we brought Amelia! It's funny how a first haircut is so important! He looks great! :)

Anonymous said...

He's such a doll. I love looking at your blog.