November 5, 2007

Pikelween IV Costumes

** Sorry for the crappy quality of these photos**
Ok, so I was Napolean Dynamite. I don't think my family is going to know who that is. It's from a movie and probably not your kind of movie. It's not about much of anything, but the character is hilarious. At least I think he is. I was in the top 3 for Best Female Costume (even though my costume was a male - confusing), but didn't win.

Heath was a rapper named Lil' John. I was surprised at how many people at the party knew who he was supposed to be. Again, my family won't know who this is. We sprayed Heath with hair highlighting spray and it really worked well. People thought he was a black person in real life and some people that know Heath didn't know it was him. Needless to say, he won for Best Male Costume.
Our good friends were Borat and Pamela Anderson. Tommy was an excellent Borat and had people laughing all night!
P.S. Hunter and I are going on a road trip tomorrow and won't be back til Monday so no more posts this week.


Jennifer said...

OMG, you and Heath are hiliarious!!! Very funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

My son....whats happened to you...I don't recognize you. I know you and Dena had a ball. Dena, I don't know your character but you don't look like yourself either. Great job kids and I'm glad you had a good time. Mom P

Anonymous said...

this is hilarious!
both of you look awesome!
i showed your pics off to my roommates too and they agreed that the costumes were great!
i hope heath drinks out of his crunk juice goblet on a regular basis now