February 27, 2008

Baby Steps

The one thing Hunter is not is a good eater. He makes me a little crazy though I've learned to just deal with it. He can't be perfect at everything, right?! He doesn't eat a whole lot and what he does eat isn't all that great for him. He never loved baby food. He ate some of it, but never anything green. His variety of table foods isn't much better. Generally, he eats some fruits (banana, orange, apple), one vegetable (corn, which doesn't really count as a veggie to me), chicken if it's fried, yogurt, and pretty much any carb or snack food you offer him.

Last night we sat down to dinner. Hunter always thinks he wants what we have on our plates (even if it's what is already on his plate). This time it was caesar salad. Heath gave him a piece of lettuce...... and he ate it! And he ate some more! Now lettuce isn't exactly nutritious, but it's a start. He even ate the insides out of some cherry tomatoes. Here's proof!

Hunter is anything, but predictable with his eating so I really don't expect him to chow down on a bowl of lettuce the next time I offer it. But at least he's broadening his horizons in the food department!


Anonymous said...

Hurray...it's a start. Keep trying like you...they try to make liars out of you all the time. You're doing a fabulous job. Grandma P

Hage Family said...

woo hoo...go hunter! Perhaps he's an early Vegetarian! LOL

Jennifer said...

wow, I can't believe he would eat salad! Maybe we can teach Amelia!