February 9, 2008

What? No pictures?!

We're alive, I promise. We got back from Jacksonville and Hunter started the week off with a 104 temperature that I couldn't bring down. We saw the doctor and another (or the same one) ear infection was to blame. So, another round of antibiotics for him. He was back to himself the next day. Toward the end of the week he developed a cough and coughs the most in his sleep. Not sure what that is about, but I'll watch it. I think more teeth are coming because there is a bit more crankiness, low fever, and clear runny nose.

And me, I've either develped allergies or I have the third cold in less than two months! I'm so stuffed up. The pollen is terrible here, but it's never bothered me in my life.

Sorry, I haven't taken the first picture all week! A week with no documentation of Hunter... the horror! Hopefully I'll get back on the ball next week.

Love to all!

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Jennifer said...

hope y'all are feeling better soon!