April 4, 2008

18 months

Hunter turned 18 months not long ago. We're halfway to 2 already! Wow.

  • He weighs just under 23 lbs.

  • He got 3 shots this time and it was the first time he was able to associate the shot with pain and where the pain was. On the ride home he would touch his legs and cry.

  • He picks up new words every week. The other day he was playing on the playground at the Y and I pulled out my phone to take a picture of him and he leaned toward me and said "cheese" and I didn't even ask him to. He's never actually said it before despite me saying it hundreds of times when I take pictures. I guess he's just holding back for the perfect moment to impress me.

  • He's teething again. This is the second round of a runny nose and extreme crankiness. Hopefully those first year molars are going to show up soon.

  • The Y is getting much better. He's to the point now that he actually reaches for the lady, but then he pouts when I turn to leave. And when I get back he's actually playing! I never dreamed he would adjust this quickly. Those ladies know what they're talking about.

  • We start swimming lessons again at the end of April. We tried to get in the pool at the Y (which is where the lessons will be) the other day and Hunter wanted no part of it. I think he's afraid of how big that pool is. He was practically swimming in Dedi's pool last weekend so I know he's not afraid of the water.

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Jennifer said...

WE had so much fun yesterday! Amelia loved all of Hunter's toys for sure--ha.