March 28, 2008

Momma's Boy?

So, we joined the YMCA this past week. I really been wanting to work out and they have childcare included in the monthly fee. Perfect, right? I wish.

I know that Hunter isn't fond of strangers. He's perfectly fine being left with family that he knows as well as a couple of my friends. He hates the nursery at church and they pretty much call us every time we go to church to come get Hunter because he won't stop crying. I really don't want him to be crying for me on his first day of Kindergarten. So, I thought the Y would be a consistent routine to get him used to it and I can start with just 20 minutes. The first day was okay. He wanted to go in and check out the toys, but made sure I came with him. We played for a while and then I snuck out. The lady said he was okay until some parents came to get other kids and he melted down. When I got back he was sitting in the lady's lap just sniffling. The fact that he settled down was a good sign to me. The next he was onto my game. He clung to me the minute we walked in the door. I handed him over screaming and went and did my 20 minutes. I came back and he was standing up against the counter crying off and on. She said he cried everytime the gate opened and a parent picked up their child.

Today will be Day 3. Wish us luck! They say they've had some kids like him and after a week or two they don't want to leave when it's time. For some reason I think my kid's a bit more stubborn. But I hope she's right.

Update: Day 3 and 4 were a little better. He now knows where we are when we pull into the parking lot and starts whimpering. He cried when I left him each day, but was able to calm down and quit crying the rest of the time. But he made the lady hold him the whole time. He just sat there in her lap until I came back. I'll take that as progress.


Anonymous said...

Our little man isn't stubborn...he just knows what he wants and when he wants it. His little face is just precious, and of course Mama is very good with her camera. we really enjoy your blog.

Jennifer said...

enjoy it while it last!! :))