May 4, 2009

Girls Weekend

Despite everyone's busy summer schedules I was able to get a few Orlando girlfriends (all moms of 1 or 2 young kids) together for a girls weekend at my father-in-law's beach house in New Smyrna.  A BIG thank you to our husbands who didn't bat an eye at keeping the kids for 2 nights!!  We left Friday evening and came home Sunday late afternoon.  We had big plans to stay up late, sleep in, and live it up all weekend, but that just didn't happen.  We stayed up late one night, but just sitting in our pajamas, eating cookies and gabbing.  It was just what we all needed!  Maybe we can make it an annual thing :o)

This was our view for 7 straight hours on Saturday.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect.
I embroidered beach bags for all the girls.  Here they are showing them off.
Before going out to dinner Saturday night.


Kristin said...

Your new blog looks cute. :-) Glad you all had fun!

Dick Powell said...

You're welcome to use the beachhouse anytime... Looks like you guys had a great time.

radivonyk said...

I saw Girls Weekend, and I was so nervous as to what kind of pics would be posted. (no bathing suits I hoped!) They were perfect! You new layout is AWESOME, super cute! I got Peyton some cutsies today! I'm getting so excited for you. :)

jen said...

Girls' weekend looked like it was a blast! How fun!