May 17, 2009

Nursery Progress

Every evening last week Heath spent getting the nursery ready to lay hardwoods. He painted the room, ripped out the carpet, baseboards, and window sill.  Saturday morning he and Paul put the hardwoods in.  They've gotten really efficient as a two man team.  It took them just three hours to finish the room.  Now that this room is finished our house is all tile and hardwood.  No more carpet.


(Hunter just wants to be where Daddy is.  He drug some toys in so he could play in the room while Daddy worked.)


Hage Family said...

woo hoo! Getting closer day by day!!! The floors look GREAT! Way to go Heath! So nice that he is so handy!!!

Anonymous said...

Dena, every wife loves a man who checks off a "honey do" list. I forgive Heath for all the toys he dismantled just to see how they worked...he was preparing for you and family. Thank goodness in that case, he didn't listen to me. I'm quite proud of his architectural skills and your decorative skills...what a great team. And of course, Hunter who seems to be giving emotional support and not letting Heath get loney in the room by himself. Love all of you so very much...Grandma