July 31, 2009

Key Chains

My newest product is key chains. They come in 3 different sizes and there are lots of color options.

1. Wristlet - This one measures 5 inches and will slip over your wrist if you just want to carry your keys.
2. Fabric Key Chain - This one measures 4 inches (can be made smaller if requested) and is made of just fabric and sewn together so there is no loop.
3. Mini Key Chain - Just a mini version of the Wristlet at 2.5 inches.

Here are some fabric choices (fabrics can be used on any of the key chain styles)

And some ribbon choices (only used on the Wristlet or Mini)


radivonyk said...

D- Do you think you could embroider my initials on the fabric key chain?

Anonymous said...

You're so talented....what a great idea. Grandmas P