August 24, 2009

That husband of mine..

I mentioned to Heath that I needed something to organize all of Peyton's headbands. I was thinking of just a rectangular piece of wood to slide them over so the flowers and bows wouldn't get smushed like if they were stuffed in a box or a drawer. He tends to take things to a whole new level and here is the result. It's perfect! I like to call it The Headband Tower.


Kristin said...

He's too good, Dena. :-)

P.S. I'm jealous of Peyton's wardrobe. ;-)

mrossi0513 said...

Awesome. Great job, Heath.

Anonymous said...

That's my son. He's so handy to have around and I'm so proud of how good he takes care of Dena, Hunter and now Peyton. I'm so blessed. Grandma P