August 9, 2011

random phone pics

Sadly, I've barely used my camera lately.  Well, on my kids that is.  It's been really busy taking pictures of other people this last week.  I've taken a few camera phone pics though.

Our godson, Jack turned three and happened to be visiting us around his birthday.  His momma made an awesome dinosaur cake for him.
Happy Birthday, Jack-a-doo!

Heath has been busy turning our front room into my photography studio.  First on the list was to put four can lights in.  Those are now finished.  Next up is painting.
can lights for the 'studio'. gettin' things done!

I got attacked by ants during a photo shoot the other night.  I guess it's only fair since I stuck my knee right into their home.  Ouch.  There's at least 75 bites.  No one told me this job was dangerous!
War wounds from my shoot last night. 100 ant bites!

Peyton is really loving swimming.  I'll have to load some video.  
She's now jumping and swimming to us.
just like brother

While we were over at the beach I had forgotten to pack socks for Hunter.  Socks are a requirement for sleeping.  We managed to find a pair of mens tube socks and he slept in them every night.
I forgot to pack socks which are a sleeping requirement.


Robyn THE Mama Lion said...

OH MY, Your poor knee!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah C. said...

Thanks for taking one for the team with the ant bites, I love the pics! Also, Jack turned three ;)