April 4, 2013

Spring Break Road Trip - Part 1 of 5

We planned months ago to take a spring break road trip with our camper and go to Stone Mountain in Atlanta.  It was just a bonus that our good friends, the Challys, live in Atlanta.  More of a reason to go! So, we spent a couple nights with them in their gorgeous house before we roughed it in our camper and the freezing cold (more on that later) the last few days.

We drove up to Jax first and spent the night.  So, the drive to Atlanta was about 6 hours.  The kids were great in the car.
Jax here we come! Then Hotlanta, Chaloupeks, and Stone Mountain! #springbreak #camping #vacation #kidvacation

Crossed the FL/GA border #powellSBroadtrip

We had a little issue that was easily fixed with some duct tape.
No trip is complete without some snags. A/C cover was flapping so had to stop to tape it down before it flew off. #powellsbroadtrip

I was happy to see that Emma still loved me when we arrived.
She still likes me! #powellsbroadtrip


Peyton and Jack payed more attention to each other this time.  Peyton's getting a little older... they're a year apart.
serious business

I just can't resist taking pictures of her!

Here are the few non camera phone pictures I took.  Their backyard is amazing!  I can't even imagine it when everything is green and blooming.  There will be an official photo shoot of someone in this backyard one day.



The kids are growing up.  It's fun to watch their friendships evolve and grow.  And I love that they just pick up where they left off..... much like we do with their parents.

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