April 19, 2013

Spring Break Road Trip - Part 5 of 5 - On the Top

On our last day we decided to take the bucket up the mountain.  We tried in the morning, but it was too windy and they closed it.  After lunch it reopened so we were able to go up.  The car read 33 degrees on the ground.  It was definitely in the teens on the top and it was soooo windy on the side where you could walk around.

We're about to ride to the top of Stone Mountain. Saw some snow flurries this morning, too.

Snow flurries!
The white things are snow flurries...lol! #powellsbroadtrip #stonemountain


We're at the top! #stonemountain #powellsbroadtrip

Not a fan of the cold. #stonemountain #powellsbroadtrip

Not bad for a stranger taking a picture!

Hunter took this one :)

She was not a fan of the cold.

I had to act crazy so she wouldn't think about how cold she was.

Daddy carried her back inside.



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