May 27, 2007

4 Years

Heath and I celebrated 4 years of marriage this past Thursday. His mom was so nice to come over and babysit that evening so we enjoyed an Outback dinner and a trip to Home Depot :o) . Saturday night we had dinner reservations at this great Steakhouse inside the Gaylord Palms hotel and Hunter was spending the night at Dedi's. We've eaten there once and couldn't wait to go back. Our great friends, Megan and Tommy, also joined us. Their 4th anniversary is just 2 weeks after ours and Friday was also Megan's birthday. So, we had a lot to celebrate! Dinner took two and a half hours. We had lots of courses and just took our time and had lots of great conversation. Afterwards we wandered around the hotel and found a piano bar so we had a drink and talked some more. It was a really nice night.

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Jennifer Dixon said...

hot mama in the red dress!