May 10, 2007

Did you miss us?

Hunter and I went to visit my parents this week. We wanted to celebrate Mother's Day and my dad's 60th birthday, both of which are on Sunday. It's kind of a vacation for me when I go there. I don't have to worry about laundry, dishes, or embroidery. Unfortunately, it's all waiting for me when I come back! Heath missed us like crazy and is glad to have us back. I imagine the house is very quiet when we're gone. Here are some pictures from the past week or so.

Still not crawling, but he's a really fast inch worm!
Uh, hungry much?

Hunter's first laptop. This is a really old laptop that we saved as a toy for Hunter.
Cousin Ethan loving on baby Hunter, as he calls him.
These mesh teething things are so cool. It allows the baby to chew on real food without choking on it. We put some really ripe banana chunks in it and he had a ball.

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Jennifer Dixon said...

I'm glad to have you back in town too!! What great photos :)