May 19, 2007

8 Months

8 months already?!? How did that happen? I have to start thinking about his first birthday party! Somebody hold me. He's growing up too fast!! I think I'll recap the past month with some bullets.

  • This month we've been to the dr. so many times. We went once for some eczema spots, got some cream, and it's all better now. At that appointment we found out that Hunter has ears full of wax (he gets that from a certain daddy who shall remain nameless :o). So, we had to treat his ears with drops to soften the wax and then go back. They flushed them out with this contraption that shoots water in the ear and sucks it back out. That worked and they're all clear now. I think this will be an ongoing battle. And now we're battling a high fever. No other symptoms except some fussiness. We'll try to make it to Monday and call the dr again.
  • Still ZERO teeth! Everyone wonders if the fever is because he's finally getting some teeth, but I don't think that's the case. His gums aren't red or swollen and he's not even drooling as much as usual.
  • His latest trick is turning everything over. No matter what you give him he flips it over. And he does it several times over and over again.
  • He likes wheels. He turns his animal train on its side so he can spin the wheels.
  • He likes animals. Almost every night Heath takes him down to the lake (retention pond) behind us and they visit the ducks. Hunter 'talks' to them and is very interested in them. He likes dogs whenever we see them, too.
  • He still not crawling! He's still doing the inchworm crawl. He gets up on all fours and scoots his knees in (the first half of crawling) and then he lunges forward and flops on his belly. He's pretty good at it. He can get all the way across the floor pretty fast if there is something he really wants (like a remote or a phone).
  • I'm not sure what kind of eater to call him. Some days he eats with no problems and some days he refuses. And it's not that he doesn't like what I'm feeding him. Overall, he does pretty good. I've tried some table foods, but he's not interested yet. He's getting better with the puffs and will eat a few at a sitting.
  • This is what he did one day last week.....

I looked up from eating my breakfast and found him on his knees reaching into the toy basket.

THEN, I sat back down and looked up and he's STANDING at the toy basket. I missed getting a picture of him actually standing, but you can see he had to stand to do this...
And this just shows you that he can get around. Daddy has to do something about those wires.

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