December 14, 2007

IKEA here we come!

On a whim this morning I asked my friend Megan if she'd like to go check out the new IKEA. She picked us up and off we went with both kids. This is Florida's first IKEA store. For those that don't know it's a gigantic housewares store. They have everything! I've heard a lot about it from friends that live further north. They typically spend a day going to IKEA since it can be a bit of a drive to get to one. Luckily, ours is 20 minutes away. We were more curious than anything and really weren't looking for anything special. We strolled through both floors and we were quite impressed with how inexpensive everything was. They have tons of things to help you organize. They even had a restaurant in the store so we stopped for lunch and then headed back home.

Here are the boys having a big time in the back seat.
(Click on it to see the video)
If you can't get it to play, go here
And this was the scene on the way home.... crashed.

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Hage Family said...

HELLOOOOO! You have a sister in law who would have LOVED to go to Ikea with you! Girl...anytime you head that way, I'm there...I love that place! I've been twice and I'm sure I still haven't seen's so overwhelming!!!