December 17, 2007

Not A Baby Anymore :o(

So, Hunter got a haircut just a month ago and I pretty much chickened out on really cutting it that time. He still looked like the same kid. It didn't take long for it to grow toward the bottom of his ears again and people started calling him a girl again. Daddy said it was time for a 'real' haircut. So, I took him this morning. He had his first DumDum lollipop and was happy as a clam. The lady pulled out the electric trimmer and inches and inches of hair started falling to the ground. I was really trying not to flip out. It's taking some getting used to. It looks cute, but I'm just mourning the loss of my baby boy. We went into the grocery store afterwards and this lady behind us in line said, "He has so much hair!" and complimented on how cute he is. She made my day.




Jennifer said...

Oh big boy Hunter!! It looks very nice Dena.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Sounds like we might need stock in lollipops!


Megan said...

OMG DENA!! He looks so cute! He definitely grew up like a whole year with one haircut!! Very cute :)