December 21, 2007

Outdoors Kind Of Guy

I can't tell you how much Hunter LOVES to be outside. Putting shoes on equals time to go outside in his mind. He runs straight to the laundry room door once his shoes have been put on (and sometimes when his shoes haven't been put on, but he's trying to tell me he wants to go outside). Now, in mommy's mind it doesn't always go that way. We've had a few meltdowns because mommy doesn't want to spend her entire day outside. We're working on that. Hunter never goes far. He walks up and down our driveway, down the sidewalk as far as the next driveway, and up to the neighbors' front door. He loves to walk through the grass, too, but if he falls he doesn't like to put his hands in the grass to get back up so he yells until I come help him. He knows not to go past the sidewalk line and will stop if I say "STOP".

"My yard, my rules!". And check out the adorable Crocs. We're a Crocs family.
Playing in the mulch
Loves sticks
And loves to drag a broom around
Bye guys


Hage Family said...

too cute! I remember those days so well...just wait until the dead of summer and he wants to go outside..within 5 minutes you're melting!

Jennifer said...

His haircut is so adorable; he looks so grown up!