June 24, 2008

I can't believe I'm saying this....

You can now classify me as a "Minivan Mom"!

Due to increased gas prices and the age of my Tahoe, we decided to look into the minivan scene. It was even Heath's idea if you can believe that! He's now eating the words, "I'll never own a minivan". That said, the car is awesome. It's an 06 Honda Oddessey. It pays to keep in touch with my old boss. I've been gone for nearly 2 years and they treated us with great care.

My very own cockpit! So many buttons!


Jennifer said...

HA!!! Welcome to the club--hehe :)

Anonymous said...

I HATE your guts!!! I am so jealous right now.......even when we don't talk about things, we are on like some cosmic, soul mate wave length! I never thought I'd want a mini van, and "with gas prices" and the expedition.....I'm like T, what do you think about a mini van? Mine is taking a little more convincing! I can't wait to check it out! I may have to bring T by so that I can push him over the edge!!
~ Megan