June 3, 2008

We're back, recharged, and ready for summer!

The cruise was great and we really enjoyed vacationing with friends. I think it helped with the missing Hunter part. Hunter had a fun week with his grandmas and Dedi. They said you would have never known we were gone. He was an angel and a joy to them all week. That makes a momma happy. He was very excited to see us when we picked him up and didn't let us out of his sight. He was making sure he was leaving with us! I'll share a few pictures from the trip...

Dressed up for formal night

This is where I spent most of my days at sea
Having a beverage in St. Martin
We went sailing in St. Thomas (the highlight of the trip!). Here we are snokeling. See that 'fish' in the bottom right corner that we're all pointing to? Yeah, that's a barracuda!Hanging out in the water by the boat

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Jennifer said...

yea, finally some cruise pictures!! Your red necklace looks great! It looks like you all had a wonderful time!!!