January 5, 2009

Real Trains!

The day after Christmas Uncle Ronnie went with us up just across the Georgia border to a train depot that has about 50 trains a day come through.  You can just sit there and watch them all day.  You wouldn't believe the people there with their video cameras, some bring their lunch and sit and watch... train enthusiasts, I guess.  We got there and had to wait about 20 minutes before the first one came through, but we ended up seeing 3 trains in about 15 minutes time.  

Hunter had never seen a real train before, but as soon as he heard it he knew what was coming. He didn't sit still while we were waiting on the first train, but after seeing that first one he was hooked and waited patiently for the next one to come.

Look at the complete joy on his face.
He found that big leaf and held onto it.
Oh, I think I hear it!
Just taking it all in.
Waving to the conductor.


WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

Oh, what a fun outing!!

Kristin said...

What precious pictures. I think "Uncle Ronnie" had as much fun as Hunter...maybe more. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Any time I get to spend time with Hunter is treasured. He's quite a special little guy. Look forward to our next visit.