January 20, 2009


Heath's been making some signs lately.  He's had this machine for a little over a year, I think, but just hasn't had much time to spend playing with it.  For Christmas he made a few for gifts so I have some to share now!

This is probably one of our favorites.  We gave this to our dear friend, Kim, for her birthday a couple weekends ago.  They have an awesome bar in their house with lots of signs on the walls.
This was one of the first ones Heath made.  It's now on our house.
This was a Christmas gift for Uncle Ronnie.  He has a workshop where he makes custom knives.
This was a Christmas gift for Heath's dad.  He loves golf so we made this to put up in his bar area.
This was made for Heath's sister's house.
A sign for a baby's room.
This was made for Heath's dad's beach house.  It's on 25th Street.
If you're in need of a sign, just let us know!  You can email Heath at heathpowell@gmail.com


WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

what great signs!

Anonymous said...

Gosh he's sooooooo talented...Mom

Anonymous said...

Heath's work is supurb. The sign he made for me is priceless!!! Thanks again.