April 27, 2009

First Beach Trip of the Year

My parents and sister were at the beach this past week so Hunter and I went over for a couple of days.  It's amazing that it isn't blazing hot in Florida yet this year.  The beach was actually chilly with the wind until about 11am everyday.  

We had perfect weather as you can see from the blue sky.

Hunter really loves kids.  He'll find a friend wherever he goes.  This little girl was 3, but no bigger than Hunter.
We got ice cream from the ice cream truck and Hunter wore most of it.  I couldn't believe that everything was priced $2.50-$3.00.  When I was little it was 50 cents!  That sounds like something an old person would say :o)
The water was cold so we didn't go far.  He's really liking the water this year though.

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Jen said...

haha! I love the bucket shot! How cute is he making buddies! I think I love the ice cream pic even more. I wear my ice cream just as much as the kids ;) But for real, what's up w/ ice cream being so expensive these days!