April 24, 2009

Magic Kingdom

We spent last Sunday at Magic Kingdom.  This time Daddy and Grandma got to go.  It was a perfect day.  The crowds were pretty light and it helped that we had Grandma in a wheel chair (she's about to have knee surgery) and got to skip the lines on a lot of rides.

Hunter rode on Grandma's lap all day.

Hunter's been really good about wearing his hat lately. 
Out first family picture in front of the castle.  I got several comments about my shirt (it says 'Knocked Up' in case you can't read it) and heard a lot comments as I passed people.  Ha ha!
Hunter has come a looong way when it comes to the characters.  He started out terrified of them and now he walks right up to then all by himself.
This time he got to see Buzz with Daddy.  He was a little put on the spot with the thumbs up.
We rode in the very front of the monorail a couple times. 
Love this picture.

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WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

oh, poor Hunter is so OUT in the last picture! Glad you had a fun time.