April 21, 2010


What have I been doing that I haven't posted in a week? I haven't a clue.

We went to Epcot last week. It's the Flower and Garden Festival out there right now. They have tons of characters made out of flowers. It's really pretty and quiet impressive. The weather was perfect, the crowd was light, and most of all the kids had fun! We're so greatful to our friend, Jennifer for inviting us so often. Hunter has no idea how lucky he is.

Peyton's first encounter with a princess. She looks quite mesmerized with Snow White.
Hunter doesn't have a clue who most of these princesses are, but he's all about getting his picture taken with them. This is Alice.
On the Nemo ride
The boys went to help lead the crowd in The Pledge of Allegiance. Pretty sure they haven't a clue what that is, but they were willing participants!

Who knew you could do a craft at Disney?

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