April 14, 2010

Hunter's Sleepover at Uncle Ronnie's

What seems like forever ago we promised Hunter a sleepover at Uncle Ronnie's when he was fully potty trained. We were finally able to fulfill that promise last weekend. Saturday morning Uncle Ronnie came and picked him up from Grandma's house. 27 hours later they brought him back. Apparently, that wasn't long enough. Hunter had WAY too much fun with Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Pat. He was not ready to come home. HUGE tears when they brought him back. After reminding him that he had school and friends and soccer to go home to he changed his tune and accepted that he could do again another time.

Driving his truck with his new hat on
Ready to drive the new mower
Feeding the bunnies the next morning

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Carrie K said...

Bunny! Love it!