April 2, 2010


The weather in Florida is BEAUTIFUL right now. Every evening you will find us outside around 5pm with other various neighbors and children. We lay out blankets for the moms and babies to sit on and we watch the older BOYS (only boys) ride bikes and play. Within 5 houses of us on either side and across the street we have 14 boys and 3 girls. I brought my camera out last night. It's rare that I tote it around since I usually have a 16 lb. chunk on one hip making it impossible to take pictures. I'm glad I did. I got some cute pictures.

Three and a half

7 months - She's about lost all her hair and all the new stuff is really blonde.

Peyton with the neighbor twins. She's just 4 days older than them.
So glad Peyton will have one little girl to play with! Our neighborhood is FULL of boys.

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