May 24, 2010

A Challenge

My friend, Emily (amazing photographer and mom of 4) posed a challenge on her blog this week. The challenge is to take a picture with one or all of your kids each day this week. Moms are always behind the camera and have to make it a real point to get in front of the camera. Some don't want their picture taken, but in my case I'm just always holding the camera. I looked up how to use the self timer on my camera and also let Hunter push the button on a few to get these shots. I ended up with a few favorites instead of just one. Then I had fun editing them so there are a couple different versions. So day one is done. I'll have to start getting creative to make it through the rest of the week!

Hunter took this one!
Hunter with a little bed head from his nap
Loving the 70s take

Not the most in focus picture, but I love it anyway.


emily said... these pictures.
you look great.
your kids look adorable.
the editing is amazing.

they will love these pics...
great job, mama!

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

what a great challenge. I am NEVER in photos. At the beach, last weekend, I would have to hand the camera to Jamie and ASK, "Can I get in a photo please!?" ha. Great pictures.