May 6, 2010

Muffins with Mom and Sod Update

Today was Muffins with Mom at school. Moms were invited to come to class with the kids for a quick bite before they started their day. We were given a vase and flower they made and a tile with their handprint. The kids answered some questions that were filled out on a sheet of paper. Hunter said that he thought I was 4 years old and that I was pretty as a flower. We had a quick circle time to listen to some songs and things the kids have learned. It so fun to see how much he loves school.

It's really hard to believe that Peyton will be in this class in 16 months. It will be a whole different experience. Hunter is the very oldest in his class and Peyton will be the very youngest.
Last Saturday we finally found some time to lay sod....3 palettes of it! Heath had been suffering from a little cold all week and Saturday he woke up feeling awful. We decided that somehow we'd get it done. Our yard has looked terrible for too long! After Hunter's soccer game we managed to get one palette down while the baby napped, but it was obvious we needed some help. Our brother-in-law came over to lend a hand and two gracious neighbors (that we barely know) volunteered themselves and their kids. The last two palettes were down in just over an hour. It's amazing how much a few extra hands can help. We were so grateful!

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