May 10, 2010

Mother's Day and Parent Commitment with Peyton

Mother's Day was a busy one for us. We did Parent Commitment at church with Peyton. For anyone that doesn't know, it's what Baptists do when a child is young instead of christening them. We stand up in front of the church and vow to raise our child in a Christian home. When the child is older and saved is when they can be baptized.

Here we are on stage while they introduced us. See those crazy looks Heath and I are giving each other? They said Peyton McCLAIN instead of McCann AND THEN they said Den-uh instead of DEE-nuh. Pretty sure we were rolling our eyes in front of a few thousand people, ha!

Love this

In trying to get a family picture, this is actually my favorite. I might even frame it :o)

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WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

oh...i saw this great family photo on FB and didn't realize it was for "commitment"...I just thought it was for Mother's Day. YEA PEYTON!