August 20, 2010


This is our niece, Ella.  She's almost two and a half.  She has quite a personality.  I took her outside with a hand full of M&Ms to try to get some shots for her momma.  I asked her how old she was and her response was 'twelve'.  Oh boy!



A little 70s action

Picking a flower for Mommy

An M&M shot

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The Bonjour Family! said...

haha that's hilarious. Kids say the funniest things sometimes. I LOVE the 70s action. I probably use it 90% of the time.. loved the pics you took!

And I'm so glad you got signed up for Home Ec. I haven't started anything yet. I get my sewing machine this sunday so as soon as possible I want to dive in and get started. Have you?