August 20, 2010

Merry Christmas, Grandma P.

Peyton is nearly a year and I don't have a single picture of all four of my mother-in-law's grandkids together.  This was an unplanned happening.  We went over to my sister--in-law's house for a birthday gathering for her youngest.  It was evening time and the light on her porch was PERFECT.  So glad I brought my camera.  I started out taking pictures of Peyton (you'll see those soon) and then the boys came out so I asked them all to sit together.  I could not get Peyton to look at me for anything so I asked for backup.  Heath stood behind me and got them all to look.  JACKPOT!


This is called a MIRACLE!

This is a sweet outtake (even if I did cut off their feet).

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The Bonjour Family! said...

awww how absolutely precious!! she will love those pictures. I love those "perfect lighting" opportunities! yippy! I am always getting Josh to stand behind me and make funny faces or something. Mine don't work on Noah anymore. haha