October 11, 2010

Share the Love

So, it's Share the Love week over at The Anderson Family blog.  Emily is a neighbor and friend of mine.  They have four little ones of their own, but they feel called to adopt and it's all happened very quickly for them.  They have a little girl, Elsa, in Ethiopia waiting for them to be able to bring her home.  They're in the process of raising money for this adoption and this week she has some FUN things happening over on her blog.  FORTY-FIVE little (and big) business have donated items and she's giving it ALL away.  Well, sort of.  Donating money will get you entries into these giveaways.  The details are over on her blog so click that little link up there and go read all the about it.  The fun starts tomorrow!

Here's what I donated!  A couple of snack baggies and a cute little zippered pouch with an appliqued birdie on it.

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emily said...

thanks for posting about this!

we are excited for this week :)
and thanks for your donations!

The Bonjour Four said...

sounds like a great week over there at the andersons

mrossi0513 said...

Ooooo - awesome! Going to check it out now.