October 5, 2010

That one time we went on a cruise....

The cruise already feels like so long ago.  When is the next vacation?!

So, we sailed on Royal Caribbean's boat called Freedom of the Seas.  It's a huge boat, like 4500 passengers plus all the crew.  And the great thing is that you don't feel like there are people everywhere.  It's amazing how well they operate these floating cities and how wonderful the customer service is.

We really enjoyed our week.  Lots of sleeping, sunning, and eating.  The one bump was that we weren't able to make one of our stops, St. Maarten.  We were really looking forward to a day off the boat and doing some shopping, but the seas (due to I don't know which hurricane) were too rough to dock the boat without the boat slamming against the dock.  So, they tried it, it didn't work, they untied us, and off we went.  So sad!

So onto the pictures!

Not long after we got on the boat, still docked at Port Canaveral.

Off our balcony

At Coco Cay.  That's our boat in the background.  You get transported from the ship to the island at this stop.

Formal Night #1.  Bad outfit choice with the sunburn!

Many nights we sat here and people watched before dinner.

At our St. Thomas stop we went sailing.  It was just a sailboat, 2 crew, and 6 passengers.  We sailed, snorkeled, swam, ate, and drank.  We met some people from our cruise online prior to the trip so we booked this sail with them.  So fun!

The water is simply amazing!

Oh, and I took a little nap on the bow.

Formal Night #2

The rest of the pictures are HERE if you care to see them all.  Lots of around the boat pictures and food pictures.


The Bonjour Four said...

love all the pics! looks like ya'll had a great time!! so looking forward to mexico next month! yay!

Jennifer said...

What a great time for you and Heath! :)