October 25, 2010


This particular mess was a combined effort from both of my children. (Typically it's just Peyton making the messes.)  What you see here is colored sand.  All over my floor.  Hunter made one of those multilayered sand crafts at his school's Fall Festival.  The sand was layered in this little plastic pumpkin.  I leave the two of them alone for 2 minutes and come back to find Peyton dumping the sand out of the pumpkin.  But what happened was Hunter (his words) decided he didn't want it anymore so he threw it down and broke it.  That was evident from the crack and hole in it.  Then Peyton grabbed it and tried to empty it... all over herself, my floor, and some innocent toys.  Good times!

A combined effort from both of them.

It's colored sand...lovely.


Kristin said...

So the Dyson made an appearance tonight?

Annie said...

Sounds like something my two darling children would do!

The Bonjour Four said...

oh my goodness! something Noah would totally do!! (and has done with many different things!) :)