September 7, 2011

showing her age

Peyton is starting to show her age.  She's quick to melt down when she doesn't get what she wants.... like all two year olds.  Case in point:  Hunter started gymnastics this week.  We went as a family to watch his first class.  Yeah right.  As soon as Peyton saw Hunter take off his shoes and go sit on the floor waiting for class to start she ripped off her shoes and sprinted to sit by Hunter.  She would not be left out.  She was LIVID when I removed her from her spot.  We ended up sitting in the car while Daddy watched for a while then Mommy got a turn to watch.  In the future, one of us will stay home with Peyton.  And it's all her fault that there are no pictures from his first gymnastics class!

She had her 2-year check up and she is in the 25th percentile for height and weight.  Still a little peanut.  So far she's got that gymnast build :)  Maybe she'll start gymnastics at age 3 like I did.  Right now we're doing Kindermusik and she really likes it.


The Destroyer

IMG_1437 copy








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Nicole said...

Aww she didn't want to be left out. And that shot of her sitting staring right at the camera - what a beauty!!