September 1, 2011

Pre-Kindergarten here he comes!

Hunter has come to love our 'photo dates' as I call them.  While vacationing at the beach we went down to the water one late afternoon.  It was very short lived and you'll see why when you get to the last picture, but we had fun for about 15 minutes :)

Next week is finally the start of school for him.  We're jumping for joy over that!
I think we have the latest start date for school in the whole country.  

Pre-Kindergarten this year.  One more year at the little church preschool and next year it's on to the 'big' school.  Eeeeek! Mama is happy for another year before that transition.

My boy is growing up.

We met the teachers yesterday.  We've heard nothing, but good things and after meeting them I know it's going to be a great year.

He loves to learn.

He loves his friends.

He loves school.

The rain came with very little warning. We ran like the wind, but shelter wasn't close by.  And just like that our date was over :)


Denise said...

Great pictures and a gorgeous model! I hope that camera didn't get too wet! ;)

HellenCrescenti said...

Such a handsome little boy!!!

Robyn THE Mama Lion said...

Yeah for school and yeah for more great pictures!

Kristin said...

This kid needs a modeling contract.