September 13, 2011

Beach Birthday Party

The kids' birthdays are about 4 weeks apart so I decided to take advantage of combining their parties while I can get away with it.  I normally opt for a 'no work' party which means I let the venue do all the work (like bowling or Gymboree) and I just show up with a cake.  But this year a beach party was mentioned to me and I decided to go for it.  It was a good bit of work, but it was a nice change to plan some of the little details.  It was a fun day filled with family and a few friends.

The cookies above are locally from Cookie Cutter Creations.  
She can make ANYTHING and they taste great, too.


Beach Party Collage3
And yes, there was Powell Punch at the party :)  If you need the recipe, find it here.

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